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Written questions by Members of the European Parliament and their answers given by a European Union institution. Subject: Enforcement of European data protection standards Interrumpir dieta militar the Member States. Subject: Absorption of Community funds in the Member States. Subject: Effect of welfare cuts on Interrumpir dieta militar ability to gain access to social housing. Subject: Marine and maritime cooperation in the Mediterranean. Subject: EU monitoring of corruption in Croatia. Subject: Protection of products with an application for protected geographical indication PGI or denomination of controlled and guaranteed origin DOCG status pending approval. Te chino para adelgazar del doctor ming acupuncture

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Este usuario ha hecho muchas ediciones en varias versiones de Wikipedia. De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre. Lo he encomendado todo a Dios. Datos: Q Multimedia: Bohemian Revolt. The expert group will carry Interrumpir dieta militar its work exclusively on the areas covered by the directive, as its scope mirrors the wording of the Interrumpir dieta militar itself.

For cross-border investigations of serious and organised crime, information is exchanged between Member States' authorities in accordance with mutual legal assistance procedures. Europol estimates that around half of all requests for information in Adelgazar 72 kilos cases include communications data.

There is no timetable at present for this proposal. This came to light after strong winds destroyed much of the beach, uncovering the buried waste. The origin of this waste was identified by the special Environmental Inspectorate. Are the two uncontrolled waste disposal sites referred to above included in the list of uncontrolled waste disposal sites submitted to the Commission by the Greek authorities, a list on the basis of which Greece was recently referred to the Interrumpir dieta militar Court?

Interrumpir dieta militar In both cases the activities are those of individuals acting without the support of national or municipal authorities and it is for those authorities to take adequate measures to apprehend the persons responsible and to clean up the sites. Will the Commission say: what was the outcome of these discussions? Interrumpir dieta militar specific commitments Interrumpir dieta militar made by the Greek government?

During the last review mission, Interrumpir dieta militar Commission, along with the ECB and the IMF, discussed with the Greek authorities a number of issues on the public administration reform that will render the administration leaner and more effective. The discussions focused on the planning mandatory of the exits and mobility of employees, the finalisation of the staffing plans and the planning of the evaluation of the employees. The discussions did not include compulsory retirement of the Greek civil servants.

It also provides a summary of the socioeconomic challenges Member States are facing in the implementation of the EU-funded programmes.

In the Staff Working Document accompanying the report, the Commission indicates that, in the case of Greece, Could the Commission provide Interrumpir dieta militar information on the reprogramming by fund, theme and absorption rate? An extensive reprogramming of the Greek European Social Fund programmes took place with the main objective of tackling youth unemployment. It targets Actions supporting SMEs had reached a very high degree of overbooking and an adjustment was necessary.

No reprogramming was made for the Cohesion Fund. The Commission has published the report and annexes online. Could the Commission provide more information on the educational infrastructure projects that received support in Greece and the number of students who benefited from them?

Could the Commission provide further information on the institutional capacity-building programme in Greece? Interrumpir dieta militar

Interrumpir dieta militar

How many people did it involve, what was its budget, what were the objectives to be achieved, and were they achieved? According to information provided by the managing authority for the OP, the number Interrumpir dieta militar civil servants Interrumpir dieta militar took part in training and the budget allocated to it were as follows.

The Administrative Reform OP is making progress towards achieving its objectives.

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Why did these three Member States not report on the gross jobs indicator and thus have to use alternative indicators?

The three countries are Cyprus, Greece, and Spain. There was no legal obligation for Interrumpir dieta militar States to use the core indicators in the period Thus, the increase of employment will be measured in each Member State.

Could the Commission provide further information on Interrumpir dieta militar Members States on which these projects had the biggest effect, in terms of population coverage?

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That document, which also contains a short commentary, is available on this webpage:. The Commission points out that it can only disaggregate this data to the level of the individual programmes. The programme authorities have the project level detail. There is a variation in Interrumpir dieta militar selection of projects by Interrumpir dieta militar within the Member States, with some themes e.


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Could the Commission provide information on the project selection Dietas rapidas, broken down by Member State and indicating the three most popular themes chosen by each Member State? With the publication of the cohesion policy Strategic Reportthe Commission published online a detailed breakdown of project selection trends by Member State.

According to an article published in the British newspaper The Guardiana mother in the UK has forced her year-old Interrumpir dieta militar child to inseminate herself with donor sperm bought by the mother over the Internet. The mother has three Interrumpir dieta militar adopted children and had been prevented from adopting more. This led her to press her year-old daughter to become a surrogate mother.

After seven inseminations over two years, using syringes and douches of semen prepared by the mother, the girl finally gave birth to a child at Interrumpir dieta militar age of The details of this shocking case, which emerged after a court judgment, raise serious questions about what loopholes may exist in the system for international adoptions and the regulation of the global traffic in gametes.

As the European Union is a full member of The Hague Conference on Private International Law, the Commission follows developments on surrogate motherhood at international level.

The Convention aims to implement Art. Possible loopholes in the Convention could be tackled by bilateral agreements between the concerned States.

Con deliberazione del Consiglio Provinciale n. Interrumpir dieta militar ritiene utile, necessario ed urgente avviare verifiche sulla sussistenza di una violazione del diritto dell'UE derivante dalla mancata sottoposizione a VAS del piano cave per la provincia di Bergamo, approvato dalla Regione Lombardia nel maggioe dalla mancata sottoposizione alla Corte di Giustizia, da parte del Consiglio di Stato, della questione di interpretazione pregiudiziale dell'art.

Can the Commission say whether it is aware of the above situation, which seriously harms the environmental protection of an entire province in which extensive mining and quarrying activities are carried out?

The Interrumpir dieta militar will contact the Italian authorities to obtain clarifications on the application of the directive to the plan referred to in the question. Does the Commission intend to Interrumpir dieta militar renewed representations following the suspension of float glass Interrumpir dieta militar in Lysychansk? Since these measures were unsuccessful, their continued application appears to be unwarranted.

The Commission has indeed been recently informed of the fact that the sole Ukrainian producer of float glass closed its third and last line of production. Anti-dumping duties aim at removing injury to a domestic producer and, if it is confirmed that Interrumpir dieta militar sole domestic producer ceased operations in this case, there would be no reason to maintain the Interrumpir dieta militar in place. The fact that the producer ceased operation is indeed a crucial change of circumstances as anti-dumping duties would no longer serve their very purpose and would thus not be legitimate anymore.

Acesta va putea fi consultat pe site-ul internet al Comisiei. Can the Commission Interrumpir dieta militar if and when it has published the above report and where it can be accessed by interested members of the public? What measures are being envisaged by the Commission for Interrumpir dieta militar in the action plan to increase the number of nearly zero-energy buildings?

When will this action plan be published? The Commission has analysed the plans para adelgazar Como preparar berenjena la and will publish its report in due course.

It will be accessible on the website of the Commission. The Commission will now Interrumpir dieta militar further, more perdiendo peso information from the Member States based on a specifically developed template. After receiving this information the Commission will undertake a detailed evaluation and develop an action plan.

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If necessary, the action plan will include proposals to increase the number of nearly zero-energy buildings and encourage best practices as regards existing buildings. Den Ingen af medlemsstaterne oplyste om dette i Interrumpir dieta militar svar. No Member State included such information in their reply. Giorgio ad Montes, di epoca medievale, ha rappresentato uno dei punti nodali della fitta rete di Interrumpir dieta militar dell'eremitaggio e Interrumpir dieta militar monachesimo che ancora oggi costellano il territorio laziale.

Durante il periodo di esecuzione dei lavori, i siti interessati potranno essere terreno di sperimentazione sui quali i ricercatori di diversi ambiti specialistici potranno convalidare un certo numero di ipotesi sulle tecniche costruttive e sui diversi aspetti della vita dell'epoca. Il progetto cui fa riferimento l'onorevole parlamentare potrebbe beneficiare del sostegno finanziario dei Fondi strutturali, nel Interrumpir dieta militar delle disposizioni specifiche del Programma Operativo Regione Lazio Tale programma definisce le varie tipologie di Interrumpir dieta militar che il Fondo europeo di sviluppo regionale ha destinato alla regione in questione nel periodo di programmazione sopra menzionato.

Il programma prevede anche un cofinanziamento Menu dieta da 800 calorie favore di iniziative imprenditoriali legate a cultura e turismo. The town of Anagni Frosinone has many particularly valuable archaeological sites, but they are currently in a state of total disrepair; in particular, the medieval abbey of San Giorgio ad Montes was Interrumpir dieta militar of the focal points of the dense network of hermetic and Interrumpir dieta militar sites that are still scattered throughout the Lazio region today.

The primary objective is to recreate the entire operational sequence of a medieval building site and to apply high-level scientific and specialist guidelines. This would provide, both during the restoration phase and once the works are complete, an opportunity to arrange short Interrumpir dieta militar in local medieval history and in specific restoration-related disciplines, with the creation of new job opportunities, including in the tourism sector. Another aim of the project is to create craft shops within the abbey complex and hence an Interrumpir dieta militar medieval village that recreates everyday life in an abbey of the period.

In view of the above, can the Commission provide details of the funding that the town of Anagni could access in order to:. The project referred to by the Honourable Member could be eligible for financial support from the Structural Funds, subject to compliance with the specific provisions of the programme for Lazio. This programme defines the types of support provided by the European Regional Development Fund to the region under the current period.

The programme also foresees co-financing in favour of business initiatives linked to culture and tourism. In line with the shared management principle used for the administration of cohesion policy, project selection and implementation is the responsibility of national authorities.

For more information, the Commission therefore suggests that the Honourable Member contact directly the managing authority of the programme:. Is the Commission aware of allegations that by disclosing confidential information, Interrumpir dieta militar Anastasiades of Cyprus helped his relatives to avoid losses thereby increasing the losses of other account holders, and increasing risks borne by EU taxpayers in financing Interrumpir dieta militar bailout by withdrawing millions of euro from bank accounts in Cyprus days before capital controls were introduced?

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Is the Commission also aware that there are widely held suspicions of inappropriate disclosure of confidential information relating to discussions of and decisions reached by Interrumpir dieta militar eurozone? In light of such concerns, does the Commission intend:. Examining Adelgazar 20 kilos investigating the use of insider information to gain a financial advantage remains a national competence.

Questions related to the use of insider information within Cyprus to gain a financial advantage should, therefore, be directed to the relevant Cypriot authorities. Oggetto: Restrizioni alla libera circolazione dei cittadini dell'UE in Svizzera.

Tale accordo e il suo protocollo hanno introdotto alcune restrizioni per i cittadini dell'UE che desiderano vivere o lavorare in Svizzera. Cosa consiglierebbe la Commissione a un paese non membro Interrumpir dieta militar fine di garantire la sicurezza e l'occupazione interne nell'attuale periodo di crisi? Sotto il profilo giuridico la Commissione si aspetta che i paesi terzi rispettino le disposizioni degli accordi sottoscritti con l'UE. The recalled Agreement and its protocol have brought about some restrictions on EU citizens wishing to live or work in Switzerland.

Does the Commission think that Switzerland still holds authority over its territorial limits? What advice would the Commission give to a non-member country in order Interrumpir dieta militar ensure internal security and employment in the current period of crisis? Politically, the Commission would like to count in the current period of crisis with an equivalent Interrumpir dieta militar of solidarity which it usually shows to third countries.

Regarding internal security, the Commission is not aware of any ground of public order, public security or public health in Switzerland which would require its Government to introduce restrictive measures. Regarding employment, taking into account the fact that the unemployment Interrumpir dieta militar in Switzerland remained stable at an average of 4.

Interrumpir dieta militar

Has this assessment now been completed and has the Commission subsequently taken the necessary decision? The Commission has completed its assessment of the Spanish application for EU Solidarity Fund Interrumpir dieta militar relating to the forest fires in Valencia.

Interrumpir dieta militar damage caused by the disaster represented only 4. There was no evidence of serious and lasting repercussions on living conditions or on the economic stability of the region that could have allowed activating the Fund exceptionally.

The Spanish authorities were informed accordingly. Betrifft: Rechte Gewalt und fehlende polizeiliche Kontrolle Interrumpir dieta militar Griechenland. Violence prompted by extreme right-wing views and xenophobia seems to be increasing to an alarming extent in Greece.

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There is growing evidence of a prevailing attitude among the police which ranges from tolerance of these crimes to open sympathy for them. Are there EU programmes in existence to curb these trends, e. Interrumpir dieta militar Commission is concerned by the growing of extremism movements across Europe. The Commission continues to work on ways to assist Member States in addressing prevention of such a phenomenon, regardless of motivation and methods. One of its working groups, RAN POL, exchanges on practices related to prevention and detection of violent extremism by law enforcement, through community and local policing.

In a Interrumpir dieta militar of this group, Greece highlighted the creation of a new service, the General Office for the Confrontation of Racist Violence, which edits a special guide for police and includes a violent crimes division. The project will include a policy recommendations report, best practices and a training for perdiendo peso in Interrumpir dieta militar far-right extremism.

The EU Fundamental Rights agency work includes the issue of acceptance of cultural diversity. Interrumpir dieta militar, the Council of Europe has established the European Code of Police Ethics in and runs human rights training programmes Interrumpir dieta militar inter alia prosecutors, police Interrumpir dieta militar bailiffs.

However, there now seem to be fundamental problems the concept of commercial availability and the cross-border mail order of books holding up such a treaty. Why is the concept of commercial availability being insisted on, even though this makes access for blind people to books substantially more Interrumpir dieta militar What opportunities does the Commission see for guaranteeing equal rights and treatment for blind and visually impaired persons? What opportunities does the Commission see for ensuring equal access to education and knowledge for all?

Certain EU MSs have interpreted the lack of commercial availability of accessible format copies as a condition for this exception and they have a preference for such Interrumpir dieta militar condition in the negotiations.

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Many EU MSs consider that the requirement on the cross-border exchange of Interrumpir dieta militar format copies could put pressure Interrumpir dieta militar publishers to make such copies available in the relevant markets at the same time as Interrumpir dieta militar mainstream copy.

Several EU MSs consider that blind organisations have better means to check the eligibility of beneficiaries in their own country than in foreign countries. Thus, MSs have a preference in the negotiations for channeling the cross-border exchange of accessible format copies through blind organisations established in the respective countries. In this scenario, visually impaired persons would not receive the imported special formats directly from foreign blind organisations but via their local organisation.

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The Commission cannot determine alone the outcome of the international negotiations but will Interrumpir dieta militar to deploy great effort at the June Diplomatic Conference to reach agreement on a simple and workable treaty that improves access to books to visually impaired persons.

Et dansk tv-program berettede den Kender Kommissionen til problemstillingen? The same programme showed that there are large quantities of plastic microparticles in Interrumpir dieta militar, shampoo and other cosmetics. These end up in the oceans and pollute the environment. It is also unclear what effect these plastic particles have on the human hormonal system. These particles have no business being there. The EU must take action as quickly as possible. My question to the Commission is therefore:.

Is the Commission aware Interrumpir dieta militar this problem?

Interrumpir dieta militar

And Adelgazar 72 kilos the Commission take the initiative as soon as possible to call for the phasing out of plastic microparticles in cosmetics?

The Commission is aware that microplastics, including those from cosmetics, are a potential threat to the environment. The Commission is aware of the calls in some EU Member States for an EU-wide ban on use of microplastics in cosmetics, as well as the ongoing voluntary actions of several EU companies to eliminate or Interrumpir dieta militar the use of microplastics in their cosmetic products. Per il periodo la Commissione ha proposto di introdurre un criterio di crisi tra quelli applicati per ricevere un sostegno dal Interrumpir dieta militar europeo di adeguamento alla globalizzazione.

Valbelluna is home to a cluster of leading air conditioning and refrigeration companies, which possess a significant industrial heritage in terms of know-how.

Does the Commission think it can strengthen future EU legislation on state aid, with specific reference to aid for rescuing companies, by introducing tools to make it easier for entrepreneurs to form consortia which, by taking over local companies, can rescue companies in crisis and thus support jobs and the industrial policy of the internal market?

How will the Commission strengthen the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund to make it a more effective tool for supporting Member States Interrumpir dieta militar regions in their ability to limit the effects of the crisis and to help them take proactive measures for workers Interrumpir dieta militar by restructuring and relocation? The Commission notes that the Community guidelines on state aid for rescuing and restructuring firms in difficulty. For the period, the Commission has proposed introducing Interrumpir dieta militar crisis criterion as one of the criteria for receiving support from the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund.

Sie ist eine freiwillige Vorleistung der Wirtschaftsbeteiligten. Diese Durchleuchtung bewirkt, dass die zertifizierten Unternehmen Interrumpir dieta militar deren Verfahrensweisen dem Zoll bestens bekannt sind. Dies sollte seinen Niederschlag in den Zollverfahren finden. Under the Modernised Customs Code, customs procedures must take account of, inter aliasafety and security aspects.

The purpose of safety and security certification as authorised economic operators AEOprovided for in the Customs Code, is to make economic operators more transparent for customs authorities. This is a voluntary upfront concession on the part of economic Interrumpir dieta militar.

Firms which have themselves certified are subject Interrumpir dieta militar onerous checks on their organisational and operating structures. As a result, customs authorities are very familiar with Interrumpir dieta militar firms and with how they operate. That should be reflected in customs procedures themselves. So far, accordingly, it is Interrumpir dieta militar customs service providers such as hauliers, plus a number of large firms, which have had themselves certified; but a host of small and medium-sized enterprises, in particular in manufacturing, have so far not acquired AEO status because it is insufficiently attractive.

Such special procedural simplifications are of considerable practical and economic significance — not only where customs arrangements involving Switzerland are concerned. Approach to the infant with cholestasis.

Dieta dash menu settimanale pdf

Liver diseases in children, 2nd ed. Philadelphia: Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins, ; p. Front Pediatr. Guideline for the evaluation of cholestatic jaundice in infants: recommendations of the north American society for pediatric gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition.

J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr. J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr ;39 2 Ictericia neonatal. Colestasis en el lactante. Editorial Ergon. Editorial Distribuna; ; Liver disease Interrumpir dieta militar infancy: A Interrumpir dieta militar perspective. Hondal E.

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Rev Cubana de Pediatr. Prevalence of liver disease and contributing factors in patients receiving home parenteral nutrition for permanent Interrumpir dieta militar failure. Ejercicio para adelgazar los brazos y espalda de mujer. Como preparar linaza entera para adelgazar.

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Q debo hacer para adelgazar. Pastillas para bajar de peso rapido en estados unidos. Rutina para bajar de peso corriendo con. Capsulas k3 bajar de peso. Dieta exclusiva de proteinas. Adelgazar michelines espalda. Se puede bajar de peso con el hipotiroidismo. Dieta de proteinas sin azucar. Remolacha en dieta cetogenica. Que cosas dulces puedo comer en dieta cetogenica. Written questions by Members of the European Parliament and their answers given by a European Union institution.

Subject: Enforcement of European data protection standards in the Member States. Subject: Absorption Interrumpir dieta militar Community funds in the Member States. Subject: Effect of welfare cuts on individuals' ability to gain access to social housing.

Subject: Marine and maritime cooperation in the Mediterranean. Subject: EU monitoring of corruption in Croatia. Subject: Protection of products with an application for protected geographical indication PGI or denomination of controlled and guaranteed origin DOCG status pending approval. Subject: Partial ban on certain pesticides Interrumpir dieta militar — risks to bees and birds. Subject: Storage of passenger name records PNR.

Subject: Central firearms register and illegal privately owned firearms. Subject: Pesticides harmful to health in France. Subject: Incompatibility of the fiscal compact with the Treaty of Lisbon. Subject: Investigations regarding new uncontrolled waste Interrumpir dieta militar sites in Greece. Subject: Compulsory retirement of Greek civil servants. Subject: Cohesion policy funding reprogrammed for the period in Greece. Subject: Financial instruments in support of SMEs. Subject: Educational infrastructure projects receiving support from cohesion policy funds in Greece.

Subject: Adelgazar 30 kilos supply and waste water projects funded by Cohesion Policy. Subject: Project selection trends in the cohesion policy programming Interrumpir dieta militar. Subject: Interrumpir dieta militar forces daughter to become surrogate. Subject: Anti-dumping duties Interrumpir dieta militar the import of flat glass in Ukraine.

Subject: National programmes for increasing Interrumpir dieta militar number of nearly zero-energy buildings. Subject: Inadequate internal height of means of transport for animals. Subject: Possible funding to enhance the archaeological heritage of the town of Anagni.

Subject: Premature disclosure of inside information on the Cyprus bailout. Subject: Restrictions to the free movement of EU citizens Interrumpir dieta militar Switzerland. Subject: Right-wing violence and lack of police control in Greece.

Subject: Negotiations for a treaty on books for blind and visually impaired persons. Interrumpir dieta militar Regional cooperation involving the outermost regions and the need to develop synergies between European funds. Subject: Impact of the issuing of driver attestations for persons who are neither nationals nor long-term residents of the Member States.

Asociacionespanola de perdida de peso

Subject: Offsetting of gambling losses against income tax. Subject: Surveys of vegetarians and vegetarian products. Subject: Safety at the time of the metro crash in Valencia. Subject: Italian tanneries and protectionist policies regarding raw Interrumpir dieta militar EU measures. Subject: Providing better services for premature babies. Subject: Shortages of European baby Interrumpir dieta militar powder due to huge rise in demand in China.

Subject: Bus competition and access to publicly funded bus stations and Dietas rapidas infrastructure in the Republic of Ireland. Subject: Everything But Arms agreement with Cambodia Interrumpir dieta militar human rights.

Subject: State aid for rolling stock and freight Interrumpir dieta militar operators. Subject: Berco Spa crisis — Interrumpir dieta militar likely to be made redundant. Subject: Registration, identification and uncontrolled sales of pets. Subject: Territorial continuity and application of the maximum concessionary fare to EU citizens born in Sardinia who have emigrated from that region. Subject: Animal transport — necessary funds to increase the number of inspections. Subject: Seasonal closures of French power stations.

Subject: Increase in VAT on Adelgazar 30 kilos products and devices. Subject: Problems faced by the Polish minority in Lithuania. Subject: Limiting imports of drug precursors into the EU.

Subject: Taking account of special circumstances in northern regions in the rail sector. Subject: European Disability Strategy assessing national efforts. Subject: Permissible limits for citrus pulp in animal feed. Subject: Sharp rise in applications for asylum from Serbia and Macedonia. Subject: Exploitation of hydrocarbons in Alaska. Subject: Strategic guidelines for EU aquaculture. Subject: Interrumpir dieta militar changes to school nutrition schemes.

Subject: Likelihood that an association agreement will be signed with Ukraine. Subject: Small-scale fishing in the reform of the common fisheries policy CFP. Subject: Facebook: Ban on videos showing decapitations. Subject: Uncertified artificial joints in France. Subject: Reform of European legislation on seeds.

Subject: Impact Interrumpir dieta militar on the beneficial use of e-cigarettes. Subject: Redundancies among civil servants — a Greek sham. Subject: Long-distance transport of unbroken horses. Subject: Seed shallots and traditional shallots. Subject: Smoking — increased risk of bowel cancer in women. Subject: New malaria-causing parasite in Cambodia.

Subject: High-intensity physical training — Interrumpir dieta militar health risks. Subject: Legal action against the pharmaceutical company Novartis in the United States. Subject: Mediterranean diet — reducing the risk of developing memory problems.

Subject: John Dalli case — Giovanni Kessler's statement. Subject: Germany — Commission's call for higher wages. Subject: Euro: effects of a German exit on the EU. Subject: Serious shortage of raw Interrumpir dieta militar for the European tanning industry.


Subject: Brazilian beef — E. Subject: Caffeine: helping to prevent breast cancer recurrence. Subject: Cape Verde: illegal shark fishing by European vessels. Subject: Aftermath of the Boston bombings — Interrumpir dieta militar of video surveillance. Subject: Interrumpir dieta militar bombings — European solidarity with the victims and the United States.

Subject: Switzerland — restrictions to the free movement of EU citizens. Subject: Drought Interrumpir dieta militar southern Europe — impact assessment. Subject: Outermost regions — reinforcing territorial cooperation.

Subject: Public-private partnerships — passivity of the European authorities. Subject: Increasing food prices — social consequences. Subject: Effectiveness of measures to reduce health inequalities in the EU. Subject: Free movement of European citizens within the Union.

Subject: Legal status of the Fiscal Compact Treaty. Subject: Decision to allow fish farmers to feed their stocks with products Interrumpir dieta militar slaughtered chickens and pigs. Subject: Protection of Islamic manuscripts in Mali. Subject: Request for EU action to safeguard public.

Subject: Review of the Payment Services Directive. Subject: European funding for the opening and running of museums. Subject: New tax rules for small-scale farmers in Portugal.

Subject: Rice prices charged by supermarkets in Portugal. Subject: Proposal for perdiendo peso regulation on the marketing of plant propagating material.

Subject: Deterioration in healthcare services in Portugal — situation of haemophiliacs. Subject: Producers organisations in the rice and maize sectors. Subject: Acidification of the waters of the Arctic Interrumpir dieta militar.

Subject: New Spanish rent law: ban on renting to tourists. Subject: Euro crisis: statements by Oskar Lafontaine. Interrumpir dieta militar Follow-up on the Vitorino mediation report.


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